Artist Talk: The Energy Theory of Color with Matt Brown and Professor Ming Meng Ph.d.


March 17, 2022,
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm on Zoom
Free + Open to the Public


Printmaker Matt Brown and Professor of Psychology Ming Meng will engage in a Zoom dialogue describing their ongoing work exploring an invented color theory.  The idea arose from dialogues between the two of them beginning in 2018.  Prof. Ming, a specialist in the science of visual perception, holds a PhD from Princeton Univ.(2006), has taught at MIT (2005 - 09) and Dartmouth College (2009 - 17), and currently teaches at South China Normal University in Guangzhou, China.  Matt Brown is a graduate of Harvard University (BA, 1981), has earned his living making woodblock prints since 1995, and has taught classes in woodblock printmaking at the Concord Art Association since 2008. It is the Dartmouth connection that brought the two of them together. Prof. Meng and his family stayed in Matt’s house in nearby Lyme, NH during several winter visits and became Covid refugees there for a 6-month stretch in 2020.  Their dialogues represent a meet-up of the differing outlooks of scientist and artist seeking to describe how we see and think visually.  They share a common interest in building a new, workable image of how we see, how we interact with color, and especially how (and why) we enjoy making and looking at art.

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